Committees, Groups and Workgroups

As of April 1, 2016, the Ontario Stroke Network (OSN) and Cardiac Care Network of Ontario (CCN) have come together as a single entity to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to cardiac, vascular and stroke care in Ontario.

Provincial Committees

(advisory role)

  • Stroke Evaluation and Quality Committee
    The Stroke Evaluation and Quality Committee (SEQC) advise the Ontario Stroke Network (OSN) Board, and collaborates with the broader Ontario Stroke System (OSS) on the development and implementation of an infrastructure to monitor, evaluate and drive continuous quality improvement in stroke prevention, care and recovery.
  • RPD/DSC Advisory Committee
    To provide a consultative and decision-making forum that can collectively and effectively address and respond to strategic directions and planning of the Ontario Stroke Network (OSN) and support alignment of Regional Stroke Network priorities  in order to achieve the shared vision of Fewer Strokes. Better Outcomes.
  • Ontario Telestroke Steering Committee
  • Best Practice Secondary Prevention & Acute Care
  • Communications and Public Relations Subcommittee
    The Communications and Public Relations Subcommittee (CAPRS) in collaboration with the OSN Communications Manager advises the Ontario Stroke Network (OSN) on provincial and regional communication and public relation needs and priorities.

Provincial Groups

  • Ontario Rehabilitation Education Group
    The Community and Long Term Care Specialists/Coordinators group is a contributing partner of the Ontario Stroke Network in building capacity, fostering sustainability and driving continuous quality improvement through evidence informed, knowledge translation activities guided by the Knowledge to Action Framework. (Graham et al, 2006) With the goal of improving quality of stroke care, the Community & Long Term Care Specialists/Coordinators, work to prioritize patient engagement by supporting initiatives that engage stroke survivors and their caregivers in designing, delivering and evaluating stroke services across the province.
  • Rehabilitation Coordinators
  • Community and Long-Term Care

Provincial Workgroups

(time limited)

  • Provincial Integrated Workgroups (PIWG)
    The Provincial Integrated Work Plan Committee (PIWPC) will provide leadership in the development, management and communication of the content of PIWPC, and its evaluation. It is recognized that the Work Plan content is governed by the Annual Planning Cycle for Development of the Provincial Integrated Work Plan (Appendix A). The PIWPC is intended to streamline provincial planning and project development in the Ontario Stroke System to maximize efficiencies, improve timely communication processes, maximize access to and use of expertise and scope of practice, and to strengthen relationships. Such an Integrated Work Plan will also enhance the process for provincial groups to contribute to the annual development of the overarching Work Plan of the Ontario Stroke Network
  • Endovascular Treatment
  • Community Stroke Rehab
  • Community Exercise Guidelines Review