Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission, vision and values drive our provincial work plan.


The Ontario Stroke Network provides provincial leadership and planning for the Ontario Stroke System by measuring performance, partnering to achieve best practices, and creating innovations for stroke prevention, care, recovery and reintegration.


Fewer strokes. Better outcomes.


Building on the excellent foundation of the Ontario Stroke System, we value:

Equity and Comprehensiveness: Our activities will be aligned with the health interests of all Ontarians and in doing so will improve access to the care continuum and respect the diversity of the population we serve.

Accountability and Integrity: We will demonstrate accountability and integrity in all of our activities and in the use and management of public resources.

Transparency and Engagement: We will foster and demonstrate a culture of responsive, interactive, open and respectful communication and collaboration.

Learning and Performance Improvement: We will contribute to and apply evidence and knowledge, advance new ideas and take action to continuously improve the stroke system.

Leadership and Innovation: We will look to the future, embrace change and innovation, challenge the status quo, grow more leaders and through partnership build capacity.