The Ontario Stroke Network is reminding individuals and organizations there is a readily available, usable tools for developing healthy eating menus: the Healthy Menu Checklist and the Healthy Menu Checklist Implementation Guide.

In 2010, the OSN, Cardiac Care Network and the Heart and Stroke Foundation committed to work together in advancing vascular health in Ontario. The Healthy Menu Checklist for Meetings and Events was developed to help empower Canadians to live healthy lives.

Every year in Ontario, there are hundreds of health related conferences and meetings held and attended by thousands of health care employees and decision makers. Healthy food choices are not consistently offered, in part, due to lack of healthy options from vendors and low demand from conference organizers.

The Healthy Menu Checklist will help provide healthy food to employees, partners or the general public during meetings, training sessions, conferences, or events. The Healthy Menu Checklist Implementation Guide offers a one-page, easily usable checklist to guide healthy eating plans.

The OSN recommends consideration of adopting the Healthy Menu Checklist and the Healthy Menu Checklist Implementation Guide within your organization and disseminating to any parties interested in methods to consistently offer healthy food choices during meetings and events.