On behalf of the Ontario Stroke Network’s HMP Team, we are very pleased to share the 1st  edition of the new HMP newsletter – BP Monitor.

See attached document or follow the link to review on the HMP’s clinical website: http://www.heartandstroke.on.ca/site/Hypertension_Management_Program.htm#news-tab.

HMP_Newsletter_2014-09-01To be issued on a quarterly basis, the HMP’s BP Monitor was created as a means for streamlining communications to Program users as well as a communiqué for sharing the latest information on Program news, resource developments and enhancements.

For example, this inaugural issue contains welcome news for sites including:

  • Confirming & advising on discontinuation of the patient consent process, effective immediately!
  • Resource links & information on continuing education resources that are available for sites province-wide on the topic of supporting patient self-management throughout making lifestyle changes
  • A case profile of successful HMP management by a current site, along with tips for how others can implement
  • News on Program expansion in FY14/15

We hope you find the content engaging and agree that the BP Monitor can serve as a useful means for providing clinical teams with HMP updates and for delivering helpful information & supports for program management at their sites.

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[mini-icon icon=”download”] Download BP Monitor (PDF)