The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSF) has released the 2016 update of the HSF Stroke Key Quality Indicators and Coding models.

During the past year, the HSF Stroke Quality Advisory Committee (SQuAC) has undertaken a rigorous process to update key quality indicators. This process is undertaken after a stroke best practices cycle is completed to ensure alignment of indicators with updated recommendations. This fifth edition of the SKQI document aligns with the recommendations published between 2014-2016, and incorporates new areas including endovascular therapy.

As part of this process, the SQuAC also updated and revised coding models for stroke case identification, some treatments and procedures, related co-morbidities and risk factors, and complications. The committee worked very closely with CIHI and PHAC throughout this process and the codes arrived at have been agreed upon by all, which will result in more consistency in measurement approaches and reported findings across groups.

Webinars will be held later in the Fall to support uptake and integration of these indicators and coding models locally and provincially.