Also achieves Stroke Distinction in Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation services

Accreditation Canada has awarded Lakeridge Health with distinction in Acute Stroke Services and Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Services.

“This is a huge accomplishment and speaks to the phenomenal work being done to advance stroke care for patients and families at Lakeridge Health and across the Durham area,” said Lakeridge Health District Stroke Coordinator Amy Maebrae-Waller. “This achievement is the result of the commitment and hard work of a whole team of individuals at every level of the organization.”

Lakeridge Health is now the third designated stroke centre in the Central East Stroke Network to achieve Stroke Distinction. Mackenzie Health led the way followed by the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre. The Ontario Stroke Network supported application requirements to prepare for Stroke Distinction at all three organizations.

OSN Best Practices Leader Linda Kelloway said Stroke Distinction is doubly important, as it ties into the implementation science research OSN is conducting as one of two Demonstration Projects for Ontario’s Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR). Implementation of Quality Based Procedures (QBPs) is  a component of the MOHLTC’s major policy initiative, Health System Funding Reform (HSFR), which is setting reimbursement levels for specific evidence –based groups of service for specific types of patients that require similar care. Stroke has been selected as one of the first QBP medical conditions to be implemented and the OSN is leading the implementation. The OSN SPOR work provides the opportunity to validate and further explore with Stroke Distinction sites how the experience prepared and supported QBP implementation.

Stroke Distinction recognizes organizations that demonstrate clinical excellence and an outstanding commitment to leadership in stroke care. The program’s rigorous and highly specialized standards are based on the Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care.

There are three sets of Stroke Distinction standards:

  • Acute Stroke Services
  • Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Services
  • Providing an Integrated System of Services to People with Stroke

The Stroke Distinction recognition from Accreditation Canada was just part of the hospital receiving an overall ‘exemplary standing’ rank with a score of 99.4 per cent. Exemplary standing is given to organizations that go above and beyond the requirements of Accreditation Canada.

“Getting this kind of recognition from Accreditation Canada shows we’re living up to our vision of ‘excellence — every moment, every day’ and we’re delivering the kind of care our neighbours, family and friends can put their confidence in,” said Lakeridge Health President and CEO Kevin Empey in a release. “Day in and day out, our team is focused on delivering better, safer health care to everyone who comes through our doors.”