If you, or someone you care about, has had a stroke, you probably want to know where you can get more information and help. Many services are available to help people who have survived a stroke, their family members and their caregivers but finding them can be a challenge.

The Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario, in partnership with the South East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and the SouthEasthealthline.ca, has produced an online database of services available to people with stroke.

“During discussions with stroke survivors and their families, we repeatedly heard that they wanted to learn what services were available to people with stroke,” said Gwen Brown, Regional Stroke Community & Long Term Care Coordinator with the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario. “We are very fortunate to have the services of the Southeasthealthline.ca to build on. Rather than create something entirely new, we worked with the SouthEasthealthline.ca team to pull information from the existing Healthline site into a ‘microsite’ of information specific to stroke.

“It is important to provide information about resources that will help individuals and families affected by stroke to work through this tremendous life change,” says Brown. “We often hear about the need for information related to rehabilitation, transportation, community services, psychosocial support, recreation, adapted equipment, home renovation and income assistance. This site is designed to provide information on these topics and many others through a user-friendly format. Health care providers working with stroke survivors and their families will also find the site to be an invaluable resource.”

Launched in 2013, SouthEasthealthline.ca is the Information and Referral website maintained by the South East CCAC.

“The site contains listings for nearly 5000 services and continues to grow,” according to Rebecca Phillips, Information and Referral Specialist with the South East CCAC. “We are pleased to be able to work with organizations such as the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario to organize the information to meet the needs of their specific populations.

SouthEasthealthline.ca has become the go to place for information about health and community services. We are seeing roughly 28,000 visitors to the site each month. In addition to information about community services, visitors can find careers, events and health related news all in one place.”

To access the stroke section, visit SouthEasthealthline.ca and click on the Stroke Resources button. For people without access to the internet, staff at the South East CCAC can help you access the information you need by calling 310-2222 (no area code required).

For More Information Contact

Rebecca Phillips
Community Relations Coordinator
South East CCAC

Gwen Brown
Regional Stroke Community & LTC Coordinator
Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario
613-549-6666 x6867