The Ontario Stroke Network’s (OSN) Board of Directors has added a new strategic direction.

The new direction, ‘Pursue strategic partnerships for vascular and brain health,’ was developed to ensure vascular and stroke priorities are addressed. OSN has a variety of strategic partnerships, including:

  • Vascular Health Strategy with Cardiac Care Network of Ontario and Heart & Stroke Foundation;
  • Telestroke with the Ontario Telemedicine Network and Criticall;
  • Vascular Health Assessment and Support Tool development with primary care stakeholders and C-CHANGE; and
  • Chairing, leading and/or participating in Quality Best Practice activities

In June 2014, the OSN Board of Directors held its strategic retreat to confirm parts of the current strategic plan. This mid-term strategic plan review allowed the Board to develop a new strategic direction based on the information provided and the dialogue during the session.

“Our new strategic direction regarding vascular and brain health will allow us to build on our partnerships with vascular agencies for prevention and with other agencies for care,” said OSN Board Chair Malcolm Moffat. “We consulted at least a dozen stakeholders and their message was clear: partnerships are the key to success.”

Moffat said the entire organization was thankful to the stakeholders that participated in the strategic review as their input was invaluable in creating a new strategic direction.

OSN has also created an Annual Stroke Plan Overview for 2014, which outlines the organization’s strategic directions and advances the organization’s vision and mission. In development of the annual plan, the OSN considered provincial health priorities and system trends and consulted with the stakeholders and partners.

The move by the Board gives OSN three strategic directions:

  1. Be a credible leader and effective advisor
    • the “go-to” health system advisor on stroke prevention and care
    • an effective partner for positive system change
    • a clear communicator in messaging on stroke care and the OSN brand
    • a model network and a model of integration
  2. Drive excellence
    • adoption of best practice
    • continuous improvement
    • Best Practice innovations
    • Goals that address gaps
    • Strategic research
    • Accountability
  3. Pursue strategic partnerships for vascular and brain health
    • Build on partnerships with vascular agencies for prevention
    • Partner with brain agencies for care


The Ontario Stroke Network provides provincial leadership and planning for the continuum of stroke care in Ontario—from health promotion and stroke prevention to acute care, recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. For the latest OSN news, visit or follow us on Twitter: @ONStrokeNetwork.


Patrick Moore
Communications Manager, Ontario Stroke Network |
(c) 416-455-7394