In April 2014, the OSN Provincial Integrated Work Plan to address a Navigation Model to Support Transitions to the Community officially began. In order to achieve the goal of recommending core elements of a navigation model supporting transition to the community, the working group defined a number of deliverables.

The first two deliverables acted as steps to completing the work plan and were targeted for completion early this summer.  The first deliverable was defining system navigators, community navigators and CCAC Case Coordinators, as well as a comparison of these roles.  The second deliverable was identifying guiding principles from which the model would be developed.  Definitions for ‘community’, ‘transition’ and ‘navigation’ are also included.  These first two deliverables have been completed in draft form and are currently under review by the working group.

The working group is excited to initiate the launch of its next two deliverables; a formal literature review and analysis of navigation models supporting transition to the community, as well as a review of the Canadian Best Practice Recommendations Section 6.0: Transitions to ensure alignment between the model and stroke best practices.  These deliverables are targeted for completion in Fall 2014.

If you have any questions regarding this provincial integrated work plan, please contact Sue Verrilli ( or Stefan Pagliuso (