On November 29, 2013 at 11 am, Responsive Management Inc. (RMI) will officially launch an innovative quality based practice that has the potential to greatly minimize the risk of strokes in long term care. Cooksville Care Centre (the pilot home for the project), located at 55 Queensway Avenue West in Mississauga, will host an event focused on bringing attention to Atrial Fibrillation (AF), a heart condition that many people are unaware they have and is one of the leading causes of strokes.

AF is characterized by an irregular or fast heartbeat and is often an asymptomatic disease in seniors. It is a frequent cause of acute care transfers, increasing the burden on our health care system exponentially. With the support of a multi disciplinary team of professionals, the purpose of the project is to develop a protocol that addresses early detection and optimal therapy. AF related strokes in the elderly are more disabling and more likely to be fatal.

“At RMI, we are focused on introducing best practice initiatives that improve the well-being of our residents. We use a resident-centric approach in everything we do and quite often, this leads to significant breakthroughs in our ability to deliver the absolute best care,” said Derrick Hoare, Vice President, Responsive Management Inc. “We did not realize how much of a problem AF is in our homes. Now we have a framework to detect and address the issue.”

RMI owns and operates 9 long term care homes and three retirement residences in Ontario. It works in partnership with health care experts and organizations to advance the education of health care practitioners. The project was funded by an education grant provided by Boehringer Ingleheim (Canada) Inc.

For more information about the AF Protocol or launch event, please contact Susan Veenstra, Director, Nursing & Wellness, Responsive Management Inc., 416-479-4345 extension 222 or email susan.veenstra@responsivegroup.ca.

For further information:

Susan Veenstra
Phone: 416-479-4345 X 222