The final report for Sharing Approaches to Strengthen Patient-Centred, Integrated, Best Practice Vascular Health Care in Primary Care knowledge exchange session has been released. The main goals of the Session were to:

  1. Share the progress made on initiatives under development for patient-centred and integrated vascular health best practices within primary care settings including the Vascular Health Primary Care Work Group’s developing resources-Vascular Health Assessment and Support Tool (VHAST), Vascular Health QI Toolkit, and Vascular Health Medical Directives Repository;
  2. Link the initiatives with current LHIN and other local related initiatives; and
  3. Engage attendees to provide critical feedback on developments, as well as help guide priorities and future direction.

The Report details the wide-ranging discussion on the current state of vascular health care, gaps, priority needs, the interconnectedness of all vascular chronic diseases, and the difficulties encountered in patient-centred prevention and management of those with multiple conditions. Overall, there was general recognition of readiness and support for the developing vascular health primary care resources.

Download the report.