Video aims to answer patient, family questions about research

The CPSR has produced a new video to answer common questions about stem cell therapy for stroke recovery. The video has been posted on the CPSR website here. FAQ sheets to accompany the video will be posted this week.

CPSR clinicians, researchers and stroke recovery associations are encouraged to share the links with their communities.

The video involves interviews with CPSR Scientific Director Dr. Dale Corbett, clinician-researcher Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi of The Ottawa Hospital and stem cell expert Dr. Duncan Stewart, who is CEO of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

“Thanks to generous donations from members of our Board of Directors, the CPSR was able to produce this informative video on stem cells and stroke recovery,” says CPSR Executive Director Katie Lafferty. “We frequently get questions on this topic from communities across Canada, and we needed to develop a resource to fill this knowledge gap.”

The CPSR is working on plans to lead a national trial on stem cell therapy for stroke recovery. It would be the first trial of its kind in Canada.