A multidimensional approach to the treatment of the arm and hand in stroke: Level 1

//A multidimensional approach to the treatment of the arm and hand in stroke: Level 1
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The focus of this workshop will be on treatment to gain movement in the shoulder girdle, arm and hand of an individual or who has trouble accessing these movements and to refine movement in someone who already has some.

With the scientific proof of neuroplasticity, we now have support for long term potential for motor recovery in the person with neurological impairments. In an environment which offers multiple approaches to movement problems in the arm and hand.  This course will integrate several approaches.  The workshop will consist of lectures, labs, and slides and videos to provide examples of real life therapy. The objective is to provide the groundwork and skills which can then be carried back to practice and used with patients with stroke and other CNS disorders affecting upper extremity/hand.

The first day will be devoted to lectures and labs on Myofascial Release, a manual therapy which addresses tightness throughout the body. This presentation will introduce this approach to therapists who have not yet been exposed to these therapies and to review and expand the application for those who already use it.

The next 2 days will be devoted to lectures and labs to advance the skills already used by the participants, and to teach some new ways of giving input to patients. Slides and videos will be used showing real life therapy. Our approach to handling is by a variety of Bobath-based therapies including IBITA, NDT, NEURO-INFRA, NER2 as well as handling we have developed over the years.  The workshop will be hands-on to enable participants to utilize the new techniques upon returning to work.


Fri Nov 13th 1pm – 7pm

Sat Nov 14th 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Sun Nov 15th 8 pm – 3 pm

LOCATION:   Timmins and District Hospital


Anna Greenblatt OTReg(Ont) :  Anna Greenblatt Occupational Therapist, Toronto

Nancy Katsouras OTReg(Ont) :  Inter-Action Rehabilitation Inc, Toronto

FEE:   $450 (course has been subsidized substantially by NEO Stroke Network from the typical fee of $750 plus HST,  therefore it will be exempt from NEOSN Prof Ed Funding support

Who should attend?  Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists

Pre-requisite: Participants will have already completed one (or more) introductory NDT /Bobath course(s) to provide them with the basics of weight-shifting, handling, alignment, and weight-bearing concepts.  No previous myofasical release training is required.