Stroke Services Distinction Program

Stroke Distinction is for organizations that are accredited under Qmentum and have a stroke program or dedicated stroke unit. Contact your Accreditation Specialist to become part of this program.

Achieving Stroke Distinction

As of 2014, the following organizations have achieved the coveted Award of Excellence for Stroke Distinction:


Statistics Canada reports that stroke is one of the leading causes of death and adult disability, and the Public Health Agency of Canada named stroke as one of the most impactful chronic diseases in Canada. Following a stroke, 60% of people report needing help with their care and 80% have restrictions on their daily activities. An ageing population, combined with the prevalence of stroke, indicates that the need for stroke services will continue to grow in Canada. With increased accountability being placed on stroke centres, there is a need to strive for the Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care.

Stroke Distinction recognizes organizations that demonstrate clinical excellence and an outstanding commitment to leadership in stroke care. The program’s rigorous and highly specialized standards are based on the Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care.

There are three sets of Stroke Distinction standards:

  • Acute Stroke Services
  • Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Services
  • Providing an Integrated System of Services to People with Stroke

The Value of Obtaining Stroke Distinction

Showcase excellence in stroke care

The Accreditation Canada Stroke Distinction program offers a rigorous and highly specialized process that goes beyond the QmentumTM program requirements and:

  • Provides a comprehensive program developed in partnership with the Canadian Stroke Network (CSN)
  • Gives you standards of excellence that are based on Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care (, and in‑depth, stroke‑specific performance indicators and protocols
  • Offers an on‑site visit from expert evaluators who have extensive practical experience in stroke services
  • Helps you implement stroke protocols and meet performance indicators that identify critical aspects of high‑quality stroke care

Be recognized for high-performing stroke services

Stroke Distinction showcases your ongoing commitment to excellence and will:

  • Highlight your organization’s excellence in high‑ quality stroke care
  • Promote the improvement of patient outcomes
  • Strengthen staff recruitment and retention
  • Support the acquisition of research funding

Improve efficiency and outcomes

The Accreditation Canada Stroke Distinction program helps optimize scarce resources by:

  • Providing your organization with tools like the new self‑assessment to help your organization identify areas for improvement
  • Mitigating risk, which reduces the high cost of errors
  • Identifying opportunities to standardize care and improve efficiency
  • Focusing on excellence and innovation, client and family education, effective protocols, and achieving Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care
“I am proud to be part of an organization with a leading stroke program in Canada. Through the process of applying the Accreditation Canada Stroke Distinction program, our team has ensured the excellence of the care we provide.”

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