Vascular Health Primary Care


Decreasing the vascular disease burden and improving vascular health could be realized in Ontario with focused efforts in primary care. Ontario’s Vascular Health Primary Care Work Group (PCWG) was established in 2012 to improve the quality and access to a continuum of vascular health services for primary care. The PCWG reflects comprehensive representation of primary care stakeholders, including patient advisors, committed to developing the following three practical resources:

  1. Vascular Health Assessment and Support Tool (VHAST)
  2. Vascular Health Quality Improvement (QI) Toolkits
  3. Vascular Health Medical Directives Library that collectively aim to:
    • facilitate adoption of best practices at the point of care
    • enhance capacity for more patient-centred QI plans and initiatives
    • standardize quality elements for relevant monitoring of outcomes and performance